Studies at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Management Information Systems

Here we present information on our Bachelor's studies in business administration, economics, international economics, or management information systems. Additionally we offer Master's studies in business administration, economics, international economics, management information systems, and real estate management. The Diploma's degree is going to be discontinued.

Bachelor's program

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The following course schemes contain the Faculty's recommendation for the structure of your studies, i.e., which courses you should attend in the various semesters.

Module Catalogue

The Module Catalogue (German only) states which courses belong to which modules as well as the weight (in terms of credit points) of the courses when calculating the final grades.

Examination Regulations

The Examination Regulations (German only) should be read carefully by every student. They are the legal basis of all studies and determine the achievements, that have to be completed in the course of your studies.

Master's degree courses for Bachelor's degree students

Students currently studying in a Bachelor's degree program of the Faculty may attend courses from our Master's degree programs under certain conditions. These courses can then be imported into the Master's degree in case of a successful application for the Master's degree program. Note that there are certain limitations regarding the import of examination results of Master's degree exams into the Bachelor's degree. All details can be found in the announcement of the Examination Office and on our FAQ page (German only).